Wi-Safe Wireless Interlink

If one alarm triggers, all networked devices activate.

This intelligent technology enables wireless communication with any other Wi-Safe 2 product. When one alarm sounds they all sound and up to 50 devices can be interlinked together. Each alarm communicates with others by continuously sending and receiving wireless signals, to constantly monitor and communicate with the network. When any alarm detects smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide (CO), the wireless module inside sends a signal to all the connected alarms ensuring a fast reaction across the network.

  Enhanced Protection

The Wi-Safe 2 range of products are designed to provide an enhanced level of fi re and carbon monoxide safety for high risk individuals such as the deaf, those with mild to moderate hearing loss, children and people under the infl uence of alcohol or drugs.

  Simple Connection

Wi-Safe 2 products can be linked together in a matter of seconds with a simple two button connection process. Wi-Safe 2 simplifi es installation with no need for extra wiring, mess or fuss.

  Intelligent Locate

The intelligent locate feature means on activation, pressing the Test / Silence button on any alarm in the network will silence all but the initiating alarm which has sensed smoke, heat or carbon monoxide.

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